How to Remove Rust From Knives

How to Remove Rust From Knives

Rusts are a product of a chemical reaction known as oxidation which occurs when metals react with water. This reaction can be through the presence of water in the air, and this usually appears as reddish-brown sediment on metals.Rusts usually reduce the ability of knives to cut and carry out other kitchen activities. It is … Read more

How to Clean a Sharpening Stone


Keeping your sharpening stone clean is as good as keeping your knife neat and sharp. Whenever you make use of a sharpening stone for cleaning and sharpening your knife, one thing that happens is that the debris or metal scrap of the knife is released on the surface of the sharpening stone. Therefore it also … Read more

How Long Does Raw Broccoli Last?


The broccoli which is an important vegetable is of high quality and has various health benefits, therefore having a high nutritional and health benefit. The broccoli which is a good vegetable to be of more economic value and available for all should be properly stored and processed to increase it’s shelf-life. The Broccoli just like … Read more

How to make an Industrial Degreaser?

How to make an industrial degreaser

Degreasers are basically cleaning agents, acting like a solvent. They are chemical substances that dissolve water-insoluble materials from surfaces such as floors, appliances, concrete, tools and machines. Examples of those water-insoluble substances are greases, oils, waxes, lubricants, corrosion dust, paints etc.Degreasers have a wide range of uses. It can be utilized in various sectors such … Read more