How Long Does Raw Broccoli Last?

The broccoli which is an important vegetable is of high quality and has various health benefits, therefore having a high nutritional and health benefit.

The broccoli which is a good vegetable to be of more economic value and available for all should be properly stored and processed to increase it’s shelf-life.

The Broccoli just like any other vegetable usually have a short shelf life, and it, therefore, requires a proper storage facility to increase its useful life to avoid the spoilage of the vegetables after leaving without use for a very long period of time.

When broccoli is left open without storing it at all, it does not take too long before such vegetable begins to change in color and texture and start having a bad odor.

If the broccoli is not properly stored, it does not take a long time before the broccoli becomes spoiled.Nowadays, there are ways through which vegetables of which the broccoli is one can now be stored for a long period.

That is, the shelf life of the vegetable can be increased as much as possible depending on the type of storage technique or method used for the storage of this vegetable.

Some of the ways through which the broccoli can be stored so as to increase its shelf life include the following:

Refrigerating the plant: This is a very common method of storing the broccoli since the refrigerator is the most common equipment that is readily available.

In the most house, a refrigerator is an important appliance, and it, therefore, is of high use for the storage of the broccoli, If you want to store broccoli in the fridge, you should not wash it until the day you want to use the broccoli.

The storage condition of the fridge also determines the storage life of the vegetable. It is essential to refrigerate the broccoli in an airtight plastic bag to improve the refrigerating condition of the broccoli.

Broccoli stored in the refrigerator will usually last for about three to four days before spoilage sets in.

Chopping before Refrigerating: Broccoli can also be chopped before storing in the refrigerator. This cannot be used for storing for a long period of time, it is required for storing for a short period.

The broccoli when stored after chopping lasts for about one to two days before getting spoiled.

Cooking before refrigerating or freezing: Whenever broccoli is cooked before been stored, it can take about three to five days before spoiling in a refrigerator and ten to twelve months upon freezing. Therefore, freezing is the best for keeping the vegetable safe for a very long time.

Freezing: Broccoli can also be stored for a very long time. To store the broccoli by freezing, you should be the broccoli thoroughly and cut if the leaves and Woody stem of the plant.

You should cut the flowers and stalk to about one to one and a half inches pieces. After this, you should put it in boiling water for about two to three minutes and then place in cold water to chill.

You should then remove excess moisture and the package in an airtight container for storage. This will keep the broccoli sage and properly stored for about twelve to eighteen months of the storage condition is met.

Therefore, broccoli can be stored for about eighteen months if the storage condition of the storage facility is met and properly done.

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