How to Clean a Kitchen

Cleaning of a kitchen can be a very stressful activity to embark on, and you should do this from time to time to keep your kitchen clean.

A kitchen has been a place where there are lots of health-related activities carried out in there needs proper cleaning and maintenance as this will help to improve the sanity of the environment.

Cleaning your kitchen can be made very easy if this activity is done step by step, that is, from one cleaning process to the other. In this article, we will be taking you through the steps involved in the cleaning of a kitchen and the appliances therein.

Cleaning of your kitchen can help to improve the liveliness in there, and this will make you enjoy your activities in the kitchen more.

The cleaning process can take the time or may not make much of your time depending on the appliance present in the kitchen.

The cleaning process in the kitchen should involve the following:

Wipe and Clean the burners: It is good to clean your gas or electric cooker burner from time to time as this will help to remove food remains and keep it clean.

If you have gas burners that can go directly into the dishwasher, This will help you in the easy cleaning of the burner.

When washing in a dishwasher, you can scrub off the remains with a moist sponge, and when cleaning without removing, warm water with wet clothes should be used for proper cleaning.

Wipe the surface of the stove: It is important to clean the surface of the stove by using a moist cloth to remove any remnants of food on the surface of the furnace.

In the case of oil spillage on the surface of the stove, it is important that you clean it as fast as possible to prevent it from getting hardened.

Wash the control knob: The control knob of the gas should be removed and cleaned using water and mild dish soap.

The soap used in the cleaning of these knobs should lack ammonia to prevent the cleaning of the markings on the knob.

The vent hood if the gas cooker should also be washed and cleaned with a dry cloth to make it dry.

Cleaning of the Oven: The oven should be cleaned from time to time as well. The fattest of the oven and other necessary materials that require cleaning should be taken out, and we’ll clean from time to time.

Whenever a part of the stove gets damaged or worn out, it should be replaced with time.

Cleaning of the fridge: The material and other food substances present in the refrigerator should be taken out and upon removal, each later if the internal part of the fridge should be wiped clean with the use of baking soda.

If you can perceive foul odor from the fridge, you should place baking soda in the fridge as this will help to remove any odor in the fridge.

Cleaning of the freezer: All frozen food present in the fridge should be removed from the freezer and expired food should be thrown out.

The frozen food should be put in a cooler while cleaning is being done. You should clean the fridge with a solution of vinegar and water; this mixture can be placed in a spray bottle for easy cleaning.

Cleaning of the Counter, Cabinet, and other small appliances: cleaning should be done by removing expired food from the cabinet and counter, and they should be thrown out.

Soap should be added to water, and a washcloth should be used to clean the surface in the cabinet.

Other small appliances like the microwave and other appliances should be well cleaned and taken care of.

Finishing up: This is the final stage of cleaning. The floor of the kitchen should be swept, and all dirt should be removed and thrown out.

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