How to Clean Ceramic Cookware| 5 Easy Step

The ceramic cookware is an alternative to the traditional cookware used in most homes and kitchen.

The ceramic cookware is different from other types of cookware because it is of a very different design and quality as compared to the aluminum cooking pots and pans used in most homes.

The ceramic cookware can be used for cooking a different kind of food, and it also prevents the burning if food from time to time.

The ceramic cookware usually has an internal coating which must be properly taken care of to increase the shelf life of the material and also the efficient cooking ability if the pot.

It is worthy of note to state that the ceramic cookware requires a great level of maintenance to benefit from its capabilities as a cooking material.

The ceramic cookware is long lasting and efficient for users, and they must be properly taken care of.

The following are the ways to keep ceramic cookware clean and neat at all times:

Hand washes your ceramic cookware from time to time: After making use of your ceramic cookware daily, it is important to hand wash the pot with a soft sponge to prevent the scratching of the pan or pot.

Soapy water that will allow for the proper cleaning and lubrication should be used for the cleaning of the ceramic cookware.

As a guide, it is important to avoid the use of nylon, steel wool, and other abrasives to prevent the damage of the ceramic coating.

Washing burnt food away from the pot: Whenever you have a burnt food in your pot, avoid scraping the food off to prevent damaging the pot coating.

The best way to remove burnt food is by adding hot water to the pot and allowing it to stand for thirty minutes; the pot is then washed away.

In the case where there is a presence of food which is extra difficult to remove, you should add vinegar to the pot and add water to it, after adding water, make sure that you boil it in water for about three to five minutes to remove the food remaining.

Removal of tough stains from the ceramic pan: Whenever there is the presence of stains that are hard to remove by ordinary washing.

There is a need to sprinkle baking soda over the stained surface, and you should allow the baking soda to sit for about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Rinse the ceramic cookware in the warm tap water: You should rinse the ceramic cooking ware with water to be able to remove the soap solution present on the surface of the pot.

If you notice the presence of food in the pot after rinsing, the washing process should be carried out over again.

Complete drying of the ceramic cookware: The ware used for cooking should be properly dried up and allowed to dry up by scrubbing with a soft dish towel.

The cookware must be well dried before storing it in the right place and do not store with another type of cookware, even similar ceramic cookware to prevent damaging and increase its useful life.

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