How to Install Kitchen Cabinet

Just lie any other thing, fixing your cabinet may require a lot of your time and you must be ready to Vive it a trial at all time.

Installation of kitchen cabinets are usually done with the help of a handyman but you can do this yourself if you have the right skills and tools.

Installing your kitchen cabinet can save you some cash of about $500 minimum, so having the right knowledge of this will be a real blessing to you.

To install your cabinet properly, you will require some tools, and they are a 4-ft level, a screw gun, screws, screw clamps, combination drills and a bundle of shims.

After getting your tools, you should get the right cabinet that you want to fix depending on your requirement.

We have the “face frame” type of cabinet and the European style, so the cabinet of choice should be used for your kitchen work and placement.

After choosing your cabinet, then you can further the steps involved in the installation of the cabinet.

The steps involved in the installation process are as follows:

Look for the highest point: This is done by checking the floor of the kitchen and looking for the place with the highest elevation, this point will serve as the place where the cabinets will sit when it is to be fixed.

If you have two High points fern, you can set the cabinets over the two points. The type of cabinet you use will also determine the positioning of the cabinet.

Mark the lines for fitting the cabinets properly on the wall: Mark the horizontal and vertical line for the cabinet placement on the wall.

You should shim the base of the cabinet until the top if the cabinet is at a similar position with the horizontal leveling line.

You should check if there is a gap in between the wall and cabinet, if there is, then you should slip shim the cabinet to the back and run screws into the studs of the cabinet.

Make Electrical and plumbing holes: It is important that you should create a hole necessary and which will allow for the running of some plumbing materials and electrical materials into the cabinet itself.

Make use that the drilling of holes on the surface of the cabinets is at the right orientation allowing for the proper placement of the electrical and plumbing materials.

Install the peninsula cabinet: This type of cabinet is usually added to the first adjourning standard cabinets that are of good quality and easy to use for everyone.

It is important that you create the right positioning for those as well to compliment the cabinet on the floor.

Install the Upper cabinets:

Follow the Gators of the lower cabinet placement and place the upper cabinet just above the lower cabinet at a higher orientation.

Upon finishing this, the doors should be fixed properly and must be well structured.You should note that when ordering your cabinet, you can order a custom made doors to suit your purpose.

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